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Zeeh - Pop/R&B Singer and Songwriter from Atlanta Georgia - UNIR1 Music

“Zaneta Criss” (March 16, 1982), known mononymously, as "Zeeh"(zēē), is an American Pop/R&B singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, she started singing at the age of 7. At this young age her family encouraged her to become a member of their church choir. At 12 years of age she participated in a talent show in Peoria, where she won first place singing “Whitney Houston's” Grammy Award winning single, “I Will Always Love You”.

 At 16 years old she joined the Boy's and Girl's Club choir named “Crusaders for Christ”. With Zeeh as their lead vocalist the choir recorded an album titled “Wanna Lift my Hands”, written by Jumaane Hendricks. She was immediately recognized as a youth with "Star" qualities.

 In 2007 Zeeh relocated from her hometown of Peoria, Illinois to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in music. She began working right away with several producers and recording artists such as, Labjunkeyz, Kurt Kobane, Killer Virus Records, and Gloss-da-Boss. Zeeh hit the ground running when she relocated to Atlanta as the word was out about this extraordinary singer. She was featured on a song with, “The Alliance” who had a hit single titled, “Tatted Up” in 2007.

In 2008 Zeeh signed her first record deal with an independent record label "Block Star Records" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While in the mid west she also worked with A.K. of Do or Die. She then recorded her first demo album titled "Extraordinary" which was debuted and sold all over the world. Zeeh armed with her self confidence sought out numerous music opportunities. With her persistence, unknowingly, she began to build another fan base in the Southern market.

 In 2009 she competed in the “Scream Fest Tour” auditions. Through the elimination process, she made it to the final round. She performed in front of several key industry people during her music journey, such as BrianMichael Cox, Shawn Tubby Holiday (Senior VP of A&R for Interscope Records). Zeeh has had studio sessions with Alan Floyd, who is tour manager and songwriter/producer for Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Frank Ocean.

Zeeh's approach to music is limitless but comes with discipline, excellent work ethics, and great expectations. This approach gives her the freedom to be creative and to do what she loves most, “music”. Regardless of the current music trends she stays focused on her goals. Once you hear her powerhouse voice, you will experience a chill that comes with her melodic gift. Fans spanning the globe will want an encore.

Zeeh's status as a singer/songwriter can be match with many of the music industry artists. Her fresh innovative ideas and her musical wheels are always turning, while she endures to gain recognition from her music industry peers as a "force to be reckoned with".

You can purchase Zeeh,s new (3) song EP, "Zeeh D" at
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