Saturday, May 31, 2014

Indie Artist Rachel Miller - New Jersey

We have some great music now in rotation from Independent Singer / Songwriter / Composer  Rachel Miller from New Jersey on UNIR1 Radio

While learning the letters of the alphabet as a toddler, Rachel Miller also learned the notes of the scale. With her father in the industry, Rachel’s childhood revolved around music. She started on keyboard at two, guitar at three, and wrote her first song at seven. Throughout her early childhood, Rachel was exposed to a mixture of classic rock and contemporary pop.  She sang what she heard, learning from her favorite artists.
As she grew, Rachel's love for music grew as well. She built upon early skills and taught herself how to play bass, ukulele, and piano.

In January 2010, Rachel and a few friends started “Poetic Propaganda”. She wrote songs for the band, played guitar and bass, and sang.  The band performed to cheering crowds at local venues, and is currently on hiatus.
Recently Rachel has been writing material to be recorded this winter, and is continuing to grow as a songwriter, musician, singer, and performer.


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