Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Economic Music Industry -

It has come to UNIR1's attention that the music industry is in some serious need of change.  It seems that the current music industry model is that of the economics of a third world nation where the rich keep getting richer and the poor are growing more and more in numbers.  What's worse is the the music industry glorifies the rich, while making it tougher for the poor to break out into the mainstream.

Artists and bands are left in the dark about the music industry by the same people who run the music industry.  They won't tell you things unless you ask and even then the answers are very vague and ambiguous.  The fine print in contracts become smaller and so does the education as well as recognition that an artist receives from his or her hard work.

The working middle class musician has disappeared as quickly as the A&R departments in major record labels.  Pop up Pirates with no musical experience have now decided to become A&R Managers who do nothing for musicians except take their hard earned cash and deliver nothing in return.

Digital distribution has become something of a chaotic civil war where there is only one winner, the Digital Aggregate.  They not only take your money for doing nothing, they convince artists and bands to become their marketeers to generate traffic to their sites.

The biggest economic gap is when artists upload their music to streaming services that play their music like a jukebox 19,000 times a year and at the end of the year receive .15¢ for a royalty payment in the mail.  I know that if I personally received something like that, I'd be furious and I would tell all my band mates about it.

Many artists and bands that have high expectations going into their music careers are either disappointed or give up from mere frustration, lack of time and knowledge about the industry.  It is a growing concern among many independent music industry leaders, who know that music is for life, that the time to mandate a positive change in the industry needs to come and we need to resurrect the working middle class musician.

UNIR1® has studied the current music industry model now for some time and has created a solution for the music businessman based on (7) decades of a stagnant non-conforming and very mysterious music industry model, (2) decade of artists and bands struggling with major record labels due to the lack of A&R supervision, and almost (5) years of artists and bands becoming part of the poverty class in the economics of the music industry while wasting money and time searching for a solution to change it.

Understanding and managing your music business finances and resources is the most essential part of industry responsibility. Musicians need to have a long term vision of growth and a focus on sustainability. UNIR1® understands that we are obligated to leverage our resources, revenue and talent pool to expand opportunities for musicians and provide a viable alternative to the existing music industry structure.

Our clearer success path is to empower an Independent Artist the opportunity to break out into the mainstream much quicker than if they were to do it the “traditional label route” and to educate them in all aspects of the music business so they can maintain 100% control of their musical careers while sustaining all facets of revenue streams generating into their business. UNIR1® shares it’s knowledge and its profits with all of its professional musical community.

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