Saturday, May 31, 2014

The UNIR1 Big Band Show ft. Ray Noble 1929-34

The UNIR1 Big Band has returned with a new featured show starting at 1pm est this Sunday, June 1st, 2014. The greatest timeless master pieces by some of the greatest band leaders and musicians of the time!  

We kick off the UNIR1 Big Band Show for a two hour timeless and educating broadcast featuring none other than;
Bandleader, Arranger, Composer & Actor,
Ray Noble

Ray Noble was an excellent Musician, Composer and Master arranger who won England's 'Melody Maker' award in 1926, at age 19. He rose to become 'Director for Light Music' for HMV, the English arm of RCA-VictorRecords, a post he held from 1929 to 1934. In 1935, he came to the US, with his drummer Bill Harty and his vocalist Al Bowlly, and became the Musical Director for New York's famed 'Radio City', where his band (put together by Glenn Miller) played the Rainbow Room.

 Al Bowlly (Noble's Vocalist) was popular in both Eng. and the US., seldom working as a singles act. Al's first records were cut in Berlin with Arthur Briggs Savoy Syncopators in 1927. He became a regular with the Lew Stone and Roy Fox Orchestras. Died in London Blitz in April 1941 when his apartment was hit by a German Bomb" (and he became a "cult" figure).

Following a falling out with Glenn Miller and the musicians that Miller had hired for him, Ray left for a position in Hollywood. In 'La-La Land', Ray worked on several films (appeared in one) and was on the Edgar Bergen; the Charley McCarthy, and the Burns and Allen Radio Shows.

Noble came to U.S. in 1934 and for 1st time worked as a leader at the Rockefeller Center'sRainbow Room. (9pm to 3am - 7 nights per week) Glenn Miller, then trombonist with Dorsey Bros, assembled a ready made orchestra for Ray (as Miller had done for Tommy Dorsey and Smith Ballew) to take over when Ray arrived with Al Bowlly, and his drummer/mgr, Bill Harty.

Raymond Noble
In very early 1937, after some angry exchanges with the musicians, Ray Noble left (with his drummer/mgr Bill Harty and went to Hollywood, where he worked as music director (with a little 'on mic' mugging) for the Edgar Bergan/Charlie McCarthy Show, and the Burns and Allen show. He also did some scoring for the Hollywood studios and some recording work. (Tony Martin sang with a Ray Noble Band.)
After Hollywood, Ray retired to the Isle of Jersey. But the call of California was too strong, and in 1970, he returned to Santa Barbara, where he died in 1978.

Raymond Stanley Noble (1903-1978)

Ray's career in music spans a 30 year period. His place in the world of Big Bands is assured by the work he did in the London HMV (RCA) studios from '29 -'34; by his American works and by his wonderful musical compositions.

Our UNIR1 Big Band show will start broadcasting this rare collection in HD Quality Audio to ensure this wonderful period of the music gets the best possible sound web radio has in the Universe!
Tune in Sunday, June 1st at 1pm est to
Things Just Get Better 
When You and I are One!

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