Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Economic Freedom - Changing Lives

Economic freedom is a driving force behind why some societies thrive while others do not.  Improving well-being for all people can only be accomplished if the true cause of prosperity is understood, and years of empirical research and exhaustive analysis show that economic freedom is the overwhelming catalyst in creating jobs, fighting poverty, building a safe environment, and improving overall human well-being.

Because of the immense benefits greater economic freedom has for the overwhelming majority of people, the Charles Koch Institute runs the Economic Freedom Project to advance understanding of the conditions that create improved quality of life in society — especially for the most vulnerable.
The Economic Freedom Project is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the relationship between prosperity and economic freedom as vital to the continued progress of society.  We hope that greater awareness about what drives prosperity will encourage individuals to protect and advance those principles that improve lives, and we seek to accomplish this by making transparent, rigorous, and consistently high-quality research accessible to the general public.

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