Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turning Down Harvard - Saylorsburg PA on UNIR1 Radio

UNIR1 Radio presents...

"Turning Down Harvard's name comes from a story I heard in my (CJ) senior year of high school, and its meaning is much deeper rooted than some may think. On the surface it may seem like it is based on our personal feelings towards college, but its more towards following your dreams, even if its down a path unexpected by those around you.

Someone was talking about a kid who got a big scholarship to Harvard, but that wasn't the main part of the story. It was said that the kid turned it down to pursue another path in his life. As expected many people were against it and as you could imagine the question, "How the hell could you turn down Harvard?" was brought up quite a bit.

That's exactly when the idea came about to name our band that. Not only is it catchy, but it serves another purpose other than our name. Its a message that we think everyone should take on the long hard journey of life. Everyone has choices and opportunities, but if they're not going to make you happy, is it really worth taking them?

If your answer to that is no, than you can think of yourself as Turning Down Harvard.

Every time you take a risk you are Turning Down Harvard.
Every time you go after a new goal, maybe one that people wouldn't expect you are Turning Down Harvard.
Every time you make a change to make yourself or others happy you are Turning Down Harvard."

Jesse - Vocals
Billy - Guitar
Ryan - Bass
CJ - Keyboard
Sean - Drums

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