Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CAN YOU HELP? Business that can employ many.


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About The Founder

Scott Price is a multi musician who plays drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and sings. Among the many duties he does as CEO of UNIR1 Inc. Scott is an artist, one man band, record label, music producer, promoter, distributor, graphics arts designer, website builder, manager, marketer, roadie, sound engineer, stage and light coordinator, consultant and customer support representative.

About UNIR1

UNIR1 (pronounced You and I are 1) is an adaptive niche marketing company that specializes in assisting, educating and developing independent artists, bands and other companies by using the newest technologies in the way of global Internet Radio, HDTV broadcasting, Social Media Marketing, Website development and Digital Distribution to publish, promote, market and distribute their products and services in a very professional package that is quite economical. UNIR1 uncovers many untapped marketing opportunities and revenue streams for new and seasoned artists alike.

Our Plan

UNIR1's plan is to set a milestone in the music business for the Independent Artist! There is definitely a lot wrong with the current music industry. The old way of thinking about how to get signed and being successful in the music business is obsolete.  The record industry model has not changed in the past 70 years and with a non existence A&R program for decades.  The entire burden is on the back of the independent artist.

Welcome To the New Digital Media AgeYour business card is your "Website"
Your songs are now called “MP3’s”
Your distribution is now called “Download”
Your promotions are now called “Social Media Marketing”
Your advertising is now called “Blogging”
Your booking is now called “Networking”
Your FM/AM is now called “Global Internet Radio”
and Your Cable TV is now "iPTV Broadcasting"

UNIR1 enables an artist or band to be successful in the music business without a major record label.  UNIR1 lets artists maintain 100% control of their careers and revenue and educates them on how to use the latest digital media tools available to generate revenue at a cost that is highly economical and extremely effective.  UNIR1 has all the right qualifications to be the newest way that we do business in the digital media age. 

What Our Funding Is For.

UNIR1 needs a staff which means creating jobs.
UNIR1 needs additional bandwidth to accommodate our expansion across all digital media.
UNIR1 needs camera equipment along with lights and a small staff for several events, competitions and incentive programs.  This will create more jobs and will educate more people.
UNIR1 needs at least $40,000 to meet the I AM WORKSHOP TOUR "Pure Compassion" fundraising goal during the benefit concert by Legendary Lead Singer from Super Rock Group Toto, Bobby Kimball on August 30th, 2014 in Nevada.

   If we don't reach our fundraising goal;It would be unfortunate if we did not reach our campaign goal.  But, that doesn't mean we'll stop doing what we do for artists, bands and businesses.  UNIR1 is relentless in our efforts to continue it's daily operations to make a difference in people lives and to lead people to a better success path.  You will always be able to;
  • Listen to Great sounding artists and bands on the UNIR1 Radio Network
  • Watch great programming on UNIR1 TV.
  • 50% of our funds will go to the I AM WORKSHOP TOUR -  "Pure Compassion".  50% will go to keep UNIR1 running, even if we don't reach our goal.

Your Impact

Our campaign is important because UNIR1 has the contingency plan to ease the entire business sector into the next digital media age.  It helps many people and in some cases is life changing.  UNIR1 cuts the middle man and red tape and brings a much clearer success path with no limits.  We empower an individual or brand to have a world wide voice and a competitive edge in today's market. 
Your contribution helps kickstart our mission to helping people.  This is a
wonderful opportunity and vehicle for everyone to get on board and help others as well.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand if you can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:
MUSIC is truly the universal language of life and love. It is a part of every single person’s life on this planet. From the time they wake up in the morning, to the time they go to bed.
If you are or know someone who loves music, tell them about us.  Tune in to our great radio station at http://unir1radio.com and on mobile devices at http://unir1.mobi  Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about the UNIR1 campaign.
Make sure to use our Indiegogo share tools!
We look forward to you being a part of our team.
"Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1."

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