Friday, October 4, 2013

National Indie Recording artist Juleah Scott from Illinois

"Life is too short to be too serious; Therefore, I don't take myself too seriously."

That's the attitude Country/Rock/Pop sensation,
Juleah Scott has had since the age of 2 when she did her first musical performance were in front of her church congregation and by her teens. She and her sister, Brooke were performing over 100 gigs a year, while being managed by her father, Pastor Scott Barrettsmith who also was a musician playing alongside many of Chicago’s great blues musicians and having a being a part of a successful band, The Mansfield Shuffle Band!


Juleah is a self-taught piano player and guitar player. She started writing songs at 15 and quickly found herself in a Chicago area cover band performing all types of music. She played to coffee house crowds of ten to audiences of 10,000 at festivals and events, before she decided to pack her bags and head to Nashville to focus more on solo performances and songwriting. 

 Juleah began putting together a demo which included, “I Don't Need A Man,” “Doin' What I Need to Do,” “Get Carried Away,” and “Rock The Twang”.  This caught the ear of CTK Management out of Nashville, TN who also manages Dolly Parton, Eva Ricci, Kate Linne, aka The Spin Silhouette and other big name artists, to quickly sign Juleah Scott to their management company.

UNIR1 Radio was not only impressed and captivated by Juleah Scott's look, but her incredible voice, diverse genre and crystal clear productions that left our jaws on the floor after hearing her and had us wondering, why doesn't this girl have a record label? 

"Doin' What I Need To Do" did what it was supposed to do by becoming the #1 most requested song on our global internet radio station for 5 weeks straight setting the bar for other talented Indie artists who send there submissions to our radio station.

Juleah's second song that was submitted to our radio station from her father, Pastor Scott Barrettsmith was "Man In Uniform".  We received this song approximately a week and a half before the 10yr anniversary of 911.  The timing of this song was perfect for sending a message to our troops here and abroad.  We received many KUDOS for Juleah's terrific pop/rock anthem performance from the US Army, Ft Bragg, Camp Lejeune, the entire Northeast, Nashville and of course Chicago, IL! \m/ ._. \m/

Uncle Johnny Barrettsmith
Uncle Strat Barrettsmith Jr.

Two Men In Uniform
Juleah Scott's Uncles
Uncle Johnny Barrettsmith
Uncle Strat Barrettsmith Jr.
Clearly two of the inspirations 
for her fun & brilliant
 performance of
"Man In Uniform"

Juleah Scott
UNIR1 also plays from Juleah Scott, "Get Carried Away"; "I Don't Need A Man"; "Try Walkin In Our Heels"; and our 2 personal favorites besides "Doin What I Need To Do" & "Man In Uniform".  They are "I Still Cry" & "Saturday Night".  In our opinion, we love the meaning, we love the sound and the diversity and quite simply, WE LOVE JULEAH SCOTT! She is a perfect example of how a young country artist can incorporate everything she has ever experienced in her life and utilize it through her music.  Juleah Scott is already on the cutting edge of Country crossing into rock.  We see bigger things for Juleah and a very promising 2012 ahead for her.

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Special Thank you to Pastor Scott Barrettsmith for taking the time to send me his daughters music, sharing with us his band from 1980 The Mansfield Shuffle Band and the nice chats we've had over the months. You rock!

I also want to thank Jim Pospischil from Chicago, IL for being a close friend to our station and the Barrettsmith family.  You have stuck with us all the way and I can't thank you enough.
Thank you,

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