Friday, October 4, 2013

Why You Should Take A Look At Advertising On Global Internet Radio.

The success of an advertising media promotion depends on its reach to the audience. Whether it is the print media, electronic media or published media, people’s unparalleled demands for various sponsors and advertisers is due to the immense coverage they have among the masses. While newspapers, magazines and billboards continue to be an advertiser’s favorite. The streaming media is by far considered the most effective form of advertising.

 Commercials on TV and radio are the most popular forms of streaming media advertising. However, the increased usage of the World Wide Web has made Internet radio advertising a great option. The Internet talk radio is a format that host shows on topical issues. These shows discuss a wide range of topics like business, finance, health, sports, education or anything else under the sky. Conversations related to specific topics are broadcasted over the media. A talk radio station encourages a high degree of audience interaction in the form of their queries and suggestions. The advertisements are generally streamed during the short breaks in between the segments of the show. 

From the advertising perspective, a Global Internet based radio station is a much better option than television or a non-internet based radio station. Unlike a TV or a radio, most users listening to Global Internet radio prefer to have their headphones on and are less likely to get distracted by external sounds or movements. 
Thus the clarity of the information communicated is much better in case of an Internet radio format. Furthermore, it enables the users to work and listen simultaneously. A person, irrespective of where he or she is, can interact on the Internet radio station by just booting on the laptop – connecting to the Internet and logging into the radio station with their headphones on. While participating in the online show, the audience can easily gain access to the website of the product under discussion or simply click on banners and buttons of interest. They can even search the web for more details on the product or business at the click of a mouse. Conversely a non-internet based TV or a radio does not offer similar accessibility. Thus the advertisers get a far better exposure of their products/ services through a Global Internet Radio station. Apart from that, low infrastructure and operational costs makes web based radio a lot more cost effective alternative than a non-internet based broadcasting media.  Global Internet Radio stations are the way to go for advertisers and in the past two years a lot of good stations have come up. 

They distribute advertisements live and on-demand. Advertisers are offered specific slots and the rates are charged according to the number of impressions delivered. Apart from the audio coverage of the advertisements, banners and buttons are also used to increase the exposure of the advertiser’s products/ services. To reach out to the target audience, advertising campaigns can also be geo-targeted to suit the preferences of different genres.

Though the concept of internet radio streaming and live simulcasting started in 1994, it is fast catching up both with the audience and the advertisers as extremely effective. Low operational costs, better clarity, wide product exposure and better audience reach has certainly made it a great advertising tool.

• Internet Radio is the fastest growing way in which we listen & perceive media! The growth is like a dual rocket both in listeners per capita and in gross online radio advertising revenue.

• Kids ages 12+ listen to Internet Radio more than Satellite Radio, FM/AM, IPOD and ICAST combined! If you have kids & don’t know what Internet Radio is? Ask them! They do!

SNL Kagan, a div of SNL Financial predicted in 2009 that in 2013, total radio online revenue will reach $827 Million. The Bridge Ratings, JP Morgan & E-Marketer all predict that by 2015, 85% of American households will have live internet streaming radio in their living rooms, and revenue from online streaming will reach over  
1.6 Billion Dollars.

These figures are extremely hard to ignore. At this rate, most terrestrial radio stations maybe broadcasting to frogs and crickets for an audience. Most Nationwide Terrestrial Radio Stations have felt the hit as their listener bases decrease every quarter. Local radio stations are quickly hopping on the band wagon by joining a Global Internet Streaming Network to follow suit with the booming World Wide Web media frenzy.

Music companies, as well as musicians have turned to Global Internet Radio to look for new talent and market their own product. The age of Digital Media Exchange has arrived with Global Internet Radio falling smack dab in the middle of the 4G Network and very well ready for HTML5 and beyond.

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