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UNIR1 Records Signs The First Independent Band From The UK To It's Label

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Jupiter Falls is: James Hart - Vox , Deano Silk - Lead Guitar, Danny Backhouse - Guitar, Matt Geary - Bass, Lewie Lewington - Drums

Independent record label, UNIR1 Records signs it's first Independent Band from the United Kingdom to the label late last Sunday. Jupiter Falls are a 5 piece English rock band who will be releasing their debut single "World war Three" on October 7th, 2013 which is taken from their debut album "Revolution" due for release on December 16th, 2013.

 Song - Where Are You Now? (Album Version)
Reviewed by Leslie Bialik (Music Critique, California)
Jupiter Falls Official ThumbanilWhen it comes to rock ballads, most of them put me to sleep with their predictable and unmemorable chord progressions that I've heard countless times before. Thankfully, this is one rock ballad that does not fall into that category. I loved the dramatic beginning with the voice and the plaintive guitar that set up the song perfectly. And I also appreciated that while I was listening for the first time, I wasn't able to predict where the song was going because it was full of surprising and evocative changes that made this a very compelling composition. And another pleasant surprise was that despite the newness of the song to my ears, the lyrics are about things everyone has gone through and it was very easy to grab onto the appealing refrain "...I'll say it again..." and start singing along - or trying to sing along - right away. And there were plenty of dynamic ups and downs in the song that made it sound like it was written by professionals. This is another example of fine songwriting - a tune that when heard for the first time, is comfortable and familiar yet at the same time new and interesting, and makes the listener want to hear it again. And once again, the musicianship all the way around, from drums, to bass, to keys, to guitar and to vocals. The guitar solo was a story-telling odyssey that took me on an emotional voyage. Great stuff! The vocals were also very "true to the lyric" and in a heartfelt and sincere style that was perfect for the message of the lyrics. And lastly, the production values are "big" and give this song even more of a professional sound. You guys have done it again! You have excellent songwriting, performing and producing skills and your material sounds ready for a commercial market. Keep up the great work!

Jupiter Falls is already creating a big buzz on the internet locally, as well as on UNIR1 Radio, in which you can hear their original ballad, "World War III". The song proves that Jupiter Falls not only can write great music, but the musicianship is loaded with talent and high energy! Their songs are polished and contain a positive message for listeners to relate to while appreciating the heavy rock guitars and superior vocals that Jupiter Falls delivers.

Jupiter Falls will begin the "Revolution" UK & American Tour in February
2014 and coming to the United States in June/July 2014.

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UNIR1 Radio will host a LIVE Interview with "UK Rockers" Jupiter Falls on Monday September 30th at 2pmEST, which is 7pm UK time. UNIR1 Radio invites everyone to grab their streaming recorders and to tune in to the historical event for the label and the network.

This marks the creation of a new connection between the UK music scene and the UNIR1 Network. UNIR1 Network would also like to acknowledge and thank Mr. JJ Kane from Caravan Music Promotions for the connection between Jupiter Falls and UNIR1.

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