Friday, October 4, 2013

UNIR1 - You and I are 1.

The name “You and I are one” was not only a dream for Scott Price nearly 20 years ago, but it is now the concept and building block of being able to connect undiscovered talent, businesses, venues, the music community as a whole and a vehicle to ease everyone into the next era of digital music media. 

UNIR1 Radio is a Global Internet Radio station that broadcasts 24/7 in High Definition Audio for the best possible streaming audio on the World Wide Web. We are a variety station bringing you the best of yesterday’s legends, today’s hits & tomorrows undiscovered talent, with a huge heart for the independent (Indie) artist.

UNIR1 Radio has many different formats with live DJ’s, Grammy Winning artists and Award Winning Musicians that host their own shows on our great network.  We broadcast live on location shows and  interviews with special musical guests, bands and brand new Independent artists.


Deborah Flansburg a.k.a. Blondiepie is our President and Head of Marketing here at UNIR1 Radio.  If you have connected already with our network, it is Debbie who more than likely got you to us.  Her marketing skills are very impressive and she is capable of easily making friends with total strangers.  The perfect companion for getting new customers to your band or brand.

Faye Rock

Our marketer Faye Rock is an avid loyal listener and fan of UNIR1 Radio since the very first day we broadcast in June of 2011.  She is relentless in her efforts to promote the entire UNIR1 Radio Network and to stimulate our growth by bringing in new ideas and new artists to the table.  She is also one of the fastest typists we have ever seen in our entire life!

Faye also has a very cool store at where she has created magnets, cups, shirts and even bracelets with our brand name U N I R 1 on them!

UNIR1 also has the ability to open your own radio station, provide you a professional radio station website page or if you prefer embed a radio station player into your already existing website to generate corporate sponsors, advertising revenue, sell merchandise and get your band, brand or business in front of thousands of prospective customers’ everyday quickly, easily and cost efficiently!

Need a commercial or jingle made for your band or business? UNIR1 Radio uses state of the art software and adaptive niche marketing to target the audience that you want to reach and formulate the best type of ad times that your brand or business will get the best exposure. There are no limits to what you and I can make and create when U N I R 1.

Since we are a Global Internet Radio station, we reach a lot more people than your local station does, and just because we are Global does not mean we are too big for our own backyard. Internet Radio is the fastest growing way in which we listen & perceive media! The growth is like a dual rocket both in listeners per capita and in gross online radio advertising revenue. Kids ages 12+ listen to Internet Radio more than Satellite Radio, FM/AM, IPOD and ICAST combined! If you don’t know what Internet Radio is? Ask your kids!


They know exactly what it is!

SNL Kagan, a div of SNL Financial predicted in 2009 that in 2013, total radio online revenue will reach $827 Million. We have already passed that this past year 2011 with over $920 million. The Bridge Ratings, JP Morgan & E-Marketer all concur and predict that by 2015, 85% of American households will have live internet streaming radio in their living rooms, and revenue from online streaming will reach over 1.6 Billion Dollars.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your brand and business to become a household name!

UNIR1 Radio works with many venues, concert promoters, booking agents, talent scouts, producers, managers, parents, bands, musicians and record labels in the music industry. We want to teach you how to make money in the music business in this new era of digital media.
UNIR1 Network

If you want your music heard on our great internet station, send your mp3’s along with a small bio and We will get your songs on the air and feature you on our INDIE 500 show Mondays at 5pmEST. We also do live interviews as well.

We as artists in the music business need each other on any level, in order to fulfill our needs, our dreams our goals and our passions. When two people connect it is the start of creation and empathy for one another. 
“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Jule Styne (Composer) 1964
 If you have been or are in a band now, you know that it is like being in a family or a marriage, and with this demands trust, communication, commitment, a common love for what we do and a solid fundamental plan that can be put into action for growth & success. This is when goals become limitless and milestones are turned and legacies are made.These are the things that UNIR1 is made of.

"Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1."



    "thank you" much <3~~
    faye rock