Monday, May 7, 2012

INDIE Artists"Short Lived Affair" - Marlton, NJ READY TO ROCK!

Short Lived Affair was formed by a group of Marlton, New Jersey girls at the beginning of their high school careers, and have spent the last four years working hard to get where they are today. They've played with the likes of Hawthorne Heights and the Wonder Years, and played the Zumiez stage at Bamboozle 2011. After the recent lineup change, they were able to pull through, and are now a stronger and closer band than ever. They have just put out their own EP, Catapultastrophe, and now, with high school ending, are ready to get out there to kick ass and take names. They are a band that truly loves every aspect of what they do, a band with a style that has something to offer for everyone, and a band with a message thats worth listening to.
Monica: Vocals
Taylor: Bass
Rachel: Drums
Kaitlyn: Guitar 

The girls also know how to promote themselves and work with the media!  Thumbs up from UNIR1 Radio!

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