Tuesday, May 8, 2012

XERO GRAVITY from Central New Jersey

Xero Gravity met while all performing in a program called Rockit. In the Rockit Program, kids ages 8-16, who pass auditions, participate in a seven-week group program where they learn a specific repertoire of songs, supplemented with individual instruction. Around forty-five young musicians divvy up to form separate groups who together, at the program’s end, perform in concert replete with high-production gear and lighting at the legendary Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. That’s where it all began.

From there, side projects were formed. Jack and Alex formed a band called Noise Pollution who exploded into the rock scene playing venues like the Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar. Steven was also in a side project doing the same in a band called Reverse Evolution. When there were some creative differences within each of the bands, these friends came together to form Xero Gravity and are now the perfect heavy hitting rock trio. They all gelled and are now like brothers. They are making a name for themselves at a rapid pace in the New York/ New Jersey area. Alex with his face melting guitar solos, and Steven with his hard hitting, effortless drumming and Jack who is not only musically talented but charismatic and draws everyone in. Their songs have catchy riffs and leave you wanting more. They are influenced by bands like Kings X, AC/DC, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Rush, The Misfits, Megadeth and Metallica to name a few. They have a unique hard rock/metal sound that people respond to. They have already played numerous venues like The Stone Pony, Crossroads, The Court Tavern and most recently The Starland Ballroom.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Xero Gravity. You will be hearing about them for years to come because they are doing now what most bands try do for years and they are barely teenagers! They are Xero Gravity and nothing is gonna hold them down!!!

Alex Peragine-Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Steven Rago-Drums/Percussion
Jack Rose-Vocals/ 4/8 String Basses
Contact Info

Press Contacthttp://www.myPPK.com/get/xerogravity

Booking AgentEmail Angelo Rago @ slayer2@optonline.net

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