Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Verbal Equinox - New Jersey

A Verbal Equinox

"A Verbal Equinox is an Alternative/Experimental/Avant-Garde Rock band from Northern New Jersey. Consisting of six incredibly strange performers, Cheska Colombo on the mic, Jonathon Maisto and Michael Bridda on guitar, William Sunshine on keys, Tyler Ramsay on bass and Mario Conte on drums, our goal is not only to be eerily pleasurable to your ears, but to make you wonder what's mentally wrong with us after one of our shows. We're in the process of recording our first album "The Ringmaster is Please to Introduce..." after almost a year of non-stop shows, supporting acts such as DRUGS, Get Scared, The Birthday Massacre and William Control. This song is called Recurring Nightmare #432 and is based loosely around morbid children's books and Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy!"

Cheska Colombo - Vocals
Jonathon Maisto - Guitar
Mike Bridda - Guitar
Tyler "Derpina" Ramsay - Bass
William Sunshine - Keyboard/Vocals
Mario Conte - Drums


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