Monday, February 3, 2014

Jeffel Project from Helsink Finland on UNIR1 Radio Indie 500 Show

After Mr. Joffel long playing brake the rock group “Joffel Project” was created in August 2011. The band’s concept is to play music with different musicians playing ‘their’ style of music without any pressure to succeed and play own music way as we want.
The band's motto: "No name, no fame - we just want to play".
The band’s first recording line-up included Mr. Turunen - bass guitar, and Mr. Linnanmäki - drums. In September 2011, the Joffel Project had their first studio session and recorded 8 songs with guitars, bass, and drums. At the end of September 2011, the Joffel Project finalized and released 4 songs with 3 legendary Finnish rock vocalists: Mr. Leiden (“Downshift” and “Tomorrow and Yesterday”), Mr. Pänttäjä (“Customer” and "Fool for your stockings"), and Mr. Herranen (“Rosalie”).


In August 2012, the second recording session consisted of 7 new songs. The Joffel Project used the same recording line-up as 2011 with added new bass guitarist Mr. Pännäri who played bass tracks to 4 new songs. Bass player Mr. Turunen from the first line-up could not record in the second session because of his busy schedule therefore, recorded his bass tracks to 3 songs in North Carelian at a later date. In vocal parts, famous Finnish rap vocalist Mr. Steen1, added his vocals to the song “ Se tavallinen tarina” and Mr. Leiden, added his vocals to "Mercenary Man” and "Bad Habit".

In August 2013, the third recording session consisted of 2 new songs. The Joffel Project used the same recording line-up as 2012 (Mr. Joffel - gtr, Mr. Pännäri - bass and Mr. Linnanmäki -drums). In vocal parts, Mr. Dubin added his vocals to the song “Wishing well” and Mr. Ilja Jalkanen, added his vocals to "Breaking Boundaries”, "I'm gonna get you" and "Girl".


The band’s 14 own songs explores complex areas in people life and hard experiences what you been going trough, without any musical prejudice and without music industry pressures. The musical abandonment is present in all stages in the making of this album: composition, production, and especially in the vocal and instrumental performance. They are all truly genuine expressions of the feelings that inspired these songs.

The Joffel Project’s songs are being heard and accepted with rave reviews by new fans throughout worldwide, thanks to FM, Internet and many independent online web radio stations. The songs are included in their radio rotation worldwide.

Joffel Project start play gigs during 2013 and get very good feedback. Joffel Project change live lineup all the time so gigs sounds everytime different with different musicians. When you come to see Joffel Project on live ... only then you know who is in live lineup. Joffel Project suprise every time on live and that makes they live act interesting.

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