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Interview with Singer / Songwriter Amber Nichole on UNIR1 Radio 7pm EST Thursday, Feb 6th 2014


20-year-old singer-songwriter Amber Nicole from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the newest and hottest artist on the R&B scene for 2014.  She has been performing in front of audiences since the age of five and even started singing backups in the studio at the age of 3 for her mom Darlene Davis who is quite a celebrity herself and had a hit single in the UK called “I FoundLove”.  Her interactions between the workings of the music business led Amber Nicole to realize that she had a true gift of music.

Amber has a profound gift for music and a strong passion for learning and playing the guitar.  Amber participated in school choirs in which she impressed every single teacher and mentor with her singing ability.  Her biggest realize to see people's reactions when she sings.

At the age of 17, Amber Nicole began collaborating with other artists in the neighborhood who were making music at the time. As time passed, other more serious opportunities were presented to Amber and she began collaborating with MC artist and Songwriter Lil Nino who is a big inspiration for Amber, and released a single called “Go In” on November 24, 2012.  The song signifies the collaborative efforts of the two young and extremely talented artists coming together as one.

Amber Nicole writes songs about love, being young and having fun.  When it comes to writing music ever Nicole says, “It's definitely the words that come first!”  Her collaborators make writing and producing songs very easy and quickly which was the case for Amber’s collaboration with Team N.S.E. and their well written song, “Ride With Me”. 

As a singer, Amber tries to stay healthy and says that she stays away from soda which she says is “One of the worst things for your vocal chords.”  Her mom Darlene, being the singer she is; has taught Amber several vocal training exercises and helped Amber to truly do what she had to do.  Amber constantly sings all the time, at the top of her lungs in which in some cases the neighbors bang on her door and actually ask her to keep singing.

Amber’s advice to artists that are just starting out is not to expect to become a million dollar superstar overnight.  Amber says,  “It takes time and patience” and stresses not to give up.  “If it something that you really want to do, even though it seems a hard and maybe impossible, it’s really not.  Just don’t give up on your dream if it’s really what you want to do!”

This was Amber Nichole’s very first interview and we were honored here at UNIR1 Radio to be a part of that history for her.

Amber’s favorite song that she has recorded to date is called “Fanatic” and can be heard daily on UNIR1 Radio and several other stations on the UNIR1 Radio Network.  She has a great plan for 2014 in which she is determined to bring great songs to the world by writing new material and to step it up in her career.  Amber graduates from medical school in May and looking forward to completing yet another goal in her life.  Her hopes are to be a spokesperson not only for the youth, but for women and people in general to feel great, live life and never be scared to do what you always wanted to do and pursue your dreams.

The Interview with Singer Songwriter Amber Nichole will be Thursday at 7pm EST on UNIR1 Radio and hosted by DJ Scott Price.   Tell your family, friends and fans about this great event and to tune in Thursday night to hear Amber and her great music!

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Article written by Scott Price
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