Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UNIR1 Radio - TikiLIVE Better Than Radio

UNIR1 Radio – TikiLIVE Better Than Radio

The reason why this radio platform is “better than radio” is for several reasons.

1) We can be picked up by any mobile device and can even stream from mobile devices live as well.

2) There is NO APP Needed to receive broadcasts from our radio stations to mobile devices. We are the app and can create custom apps for any brand.

3) 24/7 streaming. UNIR1 Radio wanted to make sure that the user could stream at all hours of the day 24/7 without running out of bandwidth!

4) Easy functionality. UNIR1 Radio wanted to make sure that the system was easy enough for even the most computer illiterate person. UNIR1 and TikiLIVE offer 24/7 customer support and cares about its clients to ensure quality assurance!

5) All stations are BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN registered and through the TikiLIVE – Better Than Radio platform.

6) We wanted to ensure that there was value to an artist upload. Anyone can upload to a streaming service. But what kind of value are you really getting? UNIR1 Global Network makes artists music available to its network of radio stations and DJ’s for them to pick up, promote and market artists products. Artist benefit by getting airplay and potential sales of their products with UNIR1.

7) Artist thumbnails are clearly displayed on our radio station players and can be customized to add visual links to inform customers where to buy their music. Customers can click the “Cd Cover Picture” to directly buy the music while the radio station is playing the artist song.

8) Station owners can completely program and customize 24/7 programming for their radio stations. This gives room to actively pursue audio commercial snippets for advertising revenue and utilize the radio station as a marketing promotional tool that works for you 24/7/365.

9) Station owners can hire DJ’s to promote certain artists and receive a commission from the sales. Each station has their own ability to open up their own store on the UNIR1 Network and begin promoting and selling product.

10) Radio stations can upgrade to HDTV stations and have both an audio and visual presence and a new exciting feature to broadcast their content LIVE to ROKU Set Top Boxes, Apple TV, mobile devices, tablets and PC’s. Listeners now become viewers.

Click the link below to get started with your very own internet radio station with UNIR1 Radio.
"Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1."

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