Saturday, September 21, 2013

UNIR1 Radio What Is Tagging Your Music?

The tag is actually an ID tag that comes with a digital mp3. It contains all the important info about the mp3 like artist, title, album, year, genre, track number and you can even embed artwork and album cover in it, so when you play it on your Windows Media Player, the art work comes up for that song along with the other information provided. When your player has to go online to retrieve the meta data or the IDv3 tag, it is looking for all the important information for an mp3 to fill in the blanks for you. 

UNIR1 has a great free MP3 tag editor we recommend using when editing your MP3 songs.  It even has a way that you can upload a thumbnail into the MP3 so that when it is played on our radio station at UNIR1 Radio that thumbnail will appear on the face of it.

The company is from Germany and like most German software products, it works excellent!
The latest version is v2.57 and you can either download the file directly from here.
or visit their website at
(to download from
You may have to brush up on your German!
Have fun editing!

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