Saturday, September 21, 2013

UNIR1 Radio Banner Ad Plus Audio Ad Special Launch

Attention Marketers!

Do you like to make money? Of course, you do!
Do you like to listen to great music on the radio?

Millions of people around the world do too!

UNIR1 Radio is a Global Internet Radio station that broadcasts 24/7 on the UNIR1 Global Network and streams a variety of music in HD audio for the best quality audio on the web!
UNIR1™ Global Network is now offering businesses and brands advertising on a continual basis through website banner advertising plus audio advertisements on it's mothership radio station UNIR1 Radio to promote your brand or business.

UNIR1 Inc. is offering advertising space to all marketers and businesses that would like to put their "Banner Ad Campaigns" on our Global Internet Radio station webpages;

(728x90) Top Banner Ad for $200.00 per month.
(468x60) Standard Banner Ad for $100.00 per month.
(235x100) Business Card Banner Ad for $50 per month
(125x90) Button Ad with 3 line listing for $25 per month.

Audio Clip Advertisements are also being promoted as well on UNIR1 Radio.  If you have a 15 second or 30 second (max) audio clip of your business or brand that you would like us to promote on the air. We will advertise them on the air for free just for subscribing to any of the banner advertisements listed above.

Top Banner Ad = (4) free audio adverts per day.
Standard Banner Ad  = (3) free audio adverts per day.
Business Card Banner Ad = (2) free audio adverts per day.
Button Ad with 3 line listing = (1) free audio advert per day.

Banner ads and audio adverts will run for one full month and will be subject for renewal the following month.  Rates may vary.

We offer discounts on quarterly and yearly subscriptions.
As our traffic increases, so will our rates.
Call now to lock in your advert and save today.

To get started simply call us at 518-795-9500 to speak with a UNIR1 representative .  We will be happy to assist you!

Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.
UNIR1 Radio
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