Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Del Robbins - Chicago, IL -

Del Robbins grew up throughout the Midwest, finally settling outside the windy city, Chicago, the place he now calls home. He was introduced to music by his father who was an accomplished singer and musician. Del became familiar with Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and other artist of that time period through his father. It was during this time that Del developed a passion for music and dedicated himself to becoming a versatile singer and musician.

At an early age, he began to learn how to play the guitar, followed by the bass guitar which he would practice relentlessly, learning all his favorite songs. By age 14, Del had become a very good bass player and gained his first experience in the recording studio. As the music scene changed so did Del, performing pop, rock, as well as country. His musical influences also changed to the likes of such artist as Johnny Rivers, The Beatles, The Eagles, George Benson, and eventually Sting and Keith Urban.

Del really began to shine as a lead vocalist in several bands while honing his craft. His solid bass playing and great stage presents became undeniable. Del moved forward achieving radio air play with chart success. This lead to his solo “break out” album, Where Did The Love Go? It proves that Del can step into varied musical genres and feel comfortable doing it.

Del Robbins has the class, integrity, musicianship, and song writing ability to become a well-rounded artist. He continues to grow musically keeping pace with the world as he moves forward, but never forgetting where he came from and the people he helped along the way.

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