Monday, August 20, 2012

The UNiTERS from Binghamton, NY Sponsored by What's Real?! 607

The UNiTERS are exactly what you would not expect out of what they call "Folk/Slam/Rock". Holding an acoustic guitar, you would expect to hear a singer/songwriter feel, you predict their sound, and that all goes away once they start playing. Modern, yet familiar, honest, and relate-able, they are best heard, and not explained.

 The idea behind "The UNiTERS" name comes from the idea that:

"When we started to play shows, we also wanted to promote positive things. Of course we love to write music, and perform, in fact we can't get enough of it, but we want to use our opportunity to bring people together for music, to also bring people together for the betterment of our communities and individuals in need.We just want to improve on what we don't like instead of just not liking it. You can start Uniting right now, by simply being positive, and being nice to others."

WHAT'S REAL?! 607 - Binghamton, NY

TONIGHT on UNIR1 Radio.  We are very proud to bring in our new affiliate at WHAT'S REAL?! 607 - Binghamton, NY - Your Source For Binghamton and there first interview with THE UNITERS.

BROADCAST STARTS AT 9pmEST.  Sponsored by WHAT'S REAL?! 607 -Binghamton, NY and The UNIR1 Radio Network

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