Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chris Andres music on UNIR1 Radio

Chris Andres Authentic Outlaw Country Banner 1200x550 SMT UNIR1 Chris Andres is a star since his childhood. The definition of an outlaw perfectly suits him and his adventures. The real outlaw, Chris Andres, started his music career at the age of fourteen in a bar, where he was recognized and appreciated due to his impressive vocals and skills. Due to this impressive singing, he started gaining popularity and attention and was quickly offered to tour several places.

He started touring at the age of 15, when he used to go places and lighten the crowds with his exceptional singing skills. His aura and perfection cast a spell wherever he went, and he left an enchantment on the people that would not wither off. He was a rising star when he entered his twenties and several record companies were after him to get an album recorded with him. His popularity kept rising and more and more people were interested in his voice and his unique singing skills. People wanted to get in touch with Chris Andres as they saw him a potential of earning big.

All the traveling and touring had tired Chris and was starting to take its toll on his voice so Chris Andres decided to reserve his skills and adopt a different approach to things. He knew he had to play smart to survive in this competitive music industry and for that he developed his own methods. He has now his own perspective about music which he puts out and he reserves his voice in the way he sees befitting for his well-being. Chris Andres is a real authentic outlaw country sensation with influences like Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen and many more.
The secret to Chris Andres’ success is that he is true and honest to his art and respects it more than anything. He does his best to keep it real and that is what makes him get to the very top.
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