Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tali Icepack Jackson -


Icepack Jackson has been in the music biz for over 45 years and has worked, recorded or played with Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, the Neville Brothers, Charles Neville, Will Bernard, the Brecker Brothers, Bette Midler, Mike Bloomfield, Mark Naftalin, Harvey Brooks, Paul Harris, Chepito Areais of Santana, the Monkees, Sam Andrews of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Bruce Barthol of Country Joe and the Fish, Ella Fitzgerald , Rick Danko, Bonnie Raitt, Bobby Neuwirth...among many other great artists.

Icepack Jackson and Klyph Black are true veterans of the music and recording business for over 40 years. They were honored to have on their breakout CD  'BK2SQ1', Grammy Winners Charles Neville  & Terrance Simien, and twice Grammy Nominated Will Bernard, Arno Hect (Rolling Stones,James Brown,J.Geils), Bob Steeler former drummer of Hot Tuna and David B Cohen, Original Member of Country Joe and the Fish.

"Gumbeaux Sallee" a song written by Icepack along with great songs like "Internet Blues" to "Drownin'" and "Lovers Paradise".  The "BK2SQ1" CD is well worth the money to fill your musical collection with R&B, Rock, Blues and a bit of Reggae all in one great package.

Tune in to UNIR1 Radio daily to listen to choice cuts off of Icepack Jackson & Klyph Black's "BK2SQ1" CD which is available on all digital stores.

Below is a link to listen to an interview with Tali Icepack Jackson with Kat Pat from Blog Talk Radio.
Tali Icepack Jackson- Blues Artist 02/18 by KatPat | Blog Talk Radio

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