Sunday, May 11, 2014

Live Interview with Chris Andres Authentic Outlaw Country May 14th on

Chris Andres is Authentic Outlaw Country

Chris Andres from the shores of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada writes, produces and performs music that is Authentic Outlaw Country as it gets. Chris' music is the perfect blend of fresh musicianship and songwriting that takes you on a straight forward journey through life and times in a theme like setting over a century and a half ago.

Cottonmouth Jones was the brainchild of Chris Jones back in 2005.  It was originally just a song writing vehicle but Chris started to feel that this new batch of songs was something special,so he set about the arborous task of trying to recruit the right players for this project.
chris andres
With in a few months he had a decent line up together and started to fine tune this band into a Outlaw rock&roll machine!Well after seven years and hundreds of shows,three albums and a few member changes later,Chris is still at the helm of this runaway train.
chris anddres 2
In 2012 Cottonmouth Jones finally had a line up that Chris feels is the best line up so far! Terry Jones has been playing droms in CMJ from the beginning as his aggresive drum style is the engine that drives this band live!Micket “Bullbucker”Jones is the newest member and has been playing bass for the band for a little over a year and his flowing bass style adds the right amount of melody to keep people moving all night!These guys draw upon influences such as Johnny Csh,Steve Earle,Social Distortion as well as all the Outlaws out there trying to keep it real!!!CMJ.

Get ready for an awesome LIVE Interview on Wednesday May 14th 7pm est on UNIR1 Radio with British Columbia, Canada's Authentic Outlaw Country artist Chris Andres who is also a leader of a much popular genre that will soon be on the rise, thanks to his musical talents and gifts.


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