Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inspired by JAMES BLUNT - Get To Know Singers and Musicians | Blondiepie.com

Ok for someone who is partnered in a music business, I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I hear music and don't even know the name of the artists I'm hearing. It doesn't help the fact that mainstream radio stations doesn't announce before and after each song the band name or the artists name. But when I hear a song, and immediately love it I need to search that artists out. I need to hear more of their music, read their bios and get to know them.
I just recognized my slacking off on this when I went to James Blunts twitter feed. After reading some of them I immediately fell in love with his wit. That lead me to his facebook wall to get to know him better. Now I have heard James Blunt's name in passing but didn't know he sang " You Are Beautiful" and really thought he may be some singer, singing about getting high, hence don't judge a book by its cover. As I write this I'm listening to his new music and it is truly refreshing to hear. Music is meant to make you feel, the music being produced today needs more inspiration, instead of well to put it straight ho's and bitches, money, and drugs. Ok I'll stop on that note, as this is more about getting to know the artists, that puts his or her heart into their music. I am now an instant fan of His of his music and his Twitter feed, and hope he never changes what he sings about. To show how much of a fan I am now selling his music here: BLONDIEPIE FULLY ENDORSES THE SALE OF JAMES BLUNT! Oh and Check out his twitter feed, its a riot. I'm glad he has the attitude he does. Some people are just rude, But he twists it to almost make fun of himself and them without causing pain to the person, not a bit of hate back. He truly is amazing.
Oh and I know I'm not the best blog writer so excuse if grammar or spelling is off. Just like passing the love, Baby. austin_powers_its_my_bag
Inspired by JAMES BLUNT - Get To Know Singers and Musicians | Blondiepie.com

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