Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Van Desh – Rock Group from Norrtälje, Sweden on

The Van Desh – Rock Group from Norrtälje, Sweden on ive characters, five personalities, five styles, five experiences, five different ways, together as one… One band, one sound, one creation. The Van Desh is all about rock! Melodic and interesting, groovy with a lot of joy! The band was formed in late 2010 in Norrtälje, a small town about 70km from Stockholm, Sweden. It all started with a birthday party for a man who loved Jimi Hendrix. Lars got the mission to set up a “Hendrix Surprise” so he asked some friends. Lars, Tommy and Konny had earlier played together and Micke was jamming on and off with them. They rehearsed a couple of times, dressed up like hippies and played some old Hendrix songs at the party. They realized that they had great chemistry and decided to start a band, later Mårten joined them. They did their first gig together at a local bar under the name Haze, but soon changed it to THE VAN DESH! The first single, Deathbed, was released in September 2012. Their debut album “It Reminds Me” was released 24:th of April 2014.

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