Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 7th 7pm Loretta Allen Interview MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

UNIR1 RADIO will be interviewing this great artists, Lorretta Allen on Wednesday May 7th at 7pm

Mark your Calendar!

Chivalry of the Rose- Loretta Allen


Loretta Allen was born in Levittown, PA and has lived in various parts of Bucks County for most of her life. She began he stage life young as a professional actress at just 15 years of age. When she started her journey as a musician, she travelled penniless to the West Coast and spent 2 years in Northern California. In the solitude of the redwood forest, she found her peace and also her voice.
Upon returning to Pennsylvania, Loretta met up with a prolific songwriter named Robert Kelly. He had a vision for painting a picture with a song and Loretta knew just how to color it. To complete the picture, Robert hired a talented musician who he had just finished producing an album for: Jameson Van Horne. He helped shape the ideas of the songs and brought in the Jameson Van Horne Band to accompany her on the songs.

As luck would have it, East Coast Recording won a Grammy as Loretta and the group were in the studio there. ECR's James Cravero did a number of the tracks on Chivalry of the Rose himself, from setup to final mastering. The final tracks were done with another Bucks County audio wizard, Ron Pastore.
A CD Release Party is scheduled for May 18th, 2014 at The Churchville Inn-
1500 Bustleton Pike, Churchville, PA 18966.

Details to follow...
Chivalry of the Rose is a story of romance and all it's many aspect, from the sentimental longings of "Please Don't Go" to the sexually charged "Call Out My Name". Chivalry is a statement about love even featuring a wedding song, "The Proposal" as well as a story about the nautre of God's Love in "Christmas Tree".
Simple songs presented in a dramatic way, a soundtrack for your lovelife.

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