Friday, April 4, 2014

Bring Back BlackBerry®

Bring Back BlackBerry®

This past weekend UNIR1 Network was talking to an Executive of a Corporation in the Entertainment Industry. He stated that Blackberry was receiving a lot of unfair negative press that is inhibiting their ability to re-establish their brand in the eyes of the consumer, especially in the United States. He also stated that unfair business practises such as T Mobile soliciting Blackberry’s remaining customer base, with the incentive to switch to a iPhone was uncalled for and must not be tolerated. He went on to tell UNIR1 that he really likes Blackberry, especially their security features which are second to none.

They deserve a fair shot at turning the Company around. The company that he represents is preparing to launch a major campaign to assist Blackberry in their efforts to strengthen their position in the global market. UNIR1 Network has offered to assist in this effort by first finding out, how many people we can find that have a Blackberry and if they would like to lend their support to this campaign by liking this post on Facebook and sharing this post with their entire social network, perhaps even adding a short comment to the post. You can become a player in assisting this great Canadian company to re-establish their place in the mobile market, which they truly deserve.

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