Friday, March 21, 2014

UNIR1 vs other Record Label Distribution

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UNIR1 popped its head up for a moment to take a good look around at some of the other things happening in the music industry.  As UNIR1 progresses in the field of excellence we find ourselves much different than all the rest of the "other guys".  In fact, we decided to do a bit of comparison between UNIR1 and one of the top digital distribution companies in the world INGrooves along with it's 175 label partners.

There are 175 label partners listed on INGrooves page.  Only 123 of those links are active with some falling on parked pages or non existent websites. But, what was more interesting was that most of the record labels had no US Rank at all which means that traffic is so low that it's not worth mentioning.  This led the staff at UNIR1 to ask what kind of value is the artist getting in regards to a record label on INGrooves that has little or no traffic presence and a does the parent network do anything at all to support the record label?

UNIR1 has had far better traffic rankings and branding capabilities for each and every artist, band or record label that associates with our brand.  Fact is, people who come on board UNIR1 Global Network get more notoriety, more gigs, more CD sales and more opportunities of breaking the mainstream and going to the next level.

In January of 2014, UNIR1 Records had an Alexa website ranking of 240,588 Globally and 43,986 in the United States.  The Alexa Website ranking data below was taken on March 15th, 2014 and has varied slightly since this post.  UNIR1 asks artists and bands as well as businesses to take a closer look at what we are doing to support you as well as every single business that becomes an affiliate or partner here at UNIR1.

We have great plans for the future and know that we can not do this alone.  What we do know is how to connect and create new ideas for development, job growth and opportunity for the future.  There are no limits to what we can do, and things just get better when YOU AND I ARE 1.

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