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Moran Levi - Talented Pop, Rock, and World-Class Vocalist

Moran is the future of Pop music.

She was born July, 20, 1983, in Israel. Moran Levi is a talented Pop,
Rock, and world-class vocalist who also writes her material, arranges
and produces her songs. She possesses a 3.5 octave vocal range and can
sing in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French Italian and more.

 As you can see, Moran is truly an artist of the new millennium, an
artist who has the unique ability to be able to appeal to all age ranges
and cultures. She is an entertainer on the verge of stardom with an
undeniably natural style. Her music is a blend of the sounds of
yesteryear and also of today. Inspired by the sounds of her native
Israel and also the song stylings of Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Lara
Fabian, Queen and Barbra Streisand, Moran has the creativity, the
energy, and the gift that elevates her above the rest.

Moran’s musical abilities were evident at the early age of six, when she
received her first keyboard. Her first musical endeavor was at the age
of 14, when she composed her first song. This song was submitted to a
committee at her school and it went on to win the annual song contest.
From that day forward Moran started writing songs. She wrote, composed
and sang her songs. At fifteen she was in a musical. It was there that
she discovered that she could command the stage and an audience; it was
also the very first time she sang in front of a live audience .

moran 3

At the age of 18 Moran was recruited into the Israeli army. It was there
that she learned to have a vision and to give everything she had to
accomplish her goals, and to be best, She was her fellow soldiers
entertainer. There she realized that music was an integral part of her
life. Upon completion of her duties as a soldier to her country, Moran
went back to Israel to embark on her journey as an entertainer of the
world. Moran performed in Hotels and supper clubs in Israel as she honed
her talents .As her reputation grew she began singing with bands and
ensembles. She continued to write and record original songs and never
stopped dreaming about the day that she would share the stage with the
greatest singers in the world.
moran 2

In 2008, Moran took part in an annual song competition audition, which
took place for the first time in Israel. She passed the audition and was
chosen as the candidate to represent Israel in Croatia on the world
stage. After the competition Moran knew that she wanted to share her
gifts with the world, she wanted to be an entertainer that everyone
would love and appreciate . She also knew that in Israel her chances
were limited and she embarked on the journey to America.

Moran is an asset to the Music Business and is ready to win over the hearts and ears of the youth and the more mature audience.
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