Tuesday, March 11, 2014


UNIR1 NETWORK Radio and HD TV is looking to network with booking agents.

UNIR1 will be starting an HD TV channel, called the bookingchannel.com During the launching stages this will be free to add your advertising video. UNIR1 is looking for you to send us a video of the area and reach you have in the booking department, what genre you book, and the price range that your venues pay. Self booking venues please include your payment scale also.

It is UNIR1′S goal is for an artist, band, or DJ to be able to plan their booking routes. Before setting out on their tour, they will be able to start from their destination and plan a route to a final destination and back. We are also asking any self booking venues to send a video of their club, bar, fair grounds, festivals that would like to be added. Venues can make a video and actually promote their own business. We are asking you keep your video to 1 minute.

If you have any questions please call 518-795-9500 ask for Scott Price. To send your video directly for upload to our booking channel please send to email flansburgd@yahoo.com

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