Wednesday, January 1, 2014

REVEL 9 - Long Island, NY -

Considering their loyal fan base, popularity among Northeast promoters and the success of their last indie
album She Sells Smiles, the easiest thing for Long Island powerhouse Gee Davey to do would be to just
go along for the ride and resist those impulses to evolve. But in 2010, band founder, guitarist and lead
singer/songwriter DJ Pearlman hit a creative wall and knew it was time to retool and redefine the band’s
sound. With the addition of rhythm guitarist Matthew Dower, the trio of Pearlman, drummer Michael
Bontempi and bassist Ray Kuhner became a foursome—and emerged with a force unlike anything else on
the suburban New York music scene. A name change was mandatory—and Revel 9 makes its official
debut with The Razorblade Diaries, an explosive six song EP that captures the band’s unapologetic
darker, edgier, less poppy vibe.

DJ Pearlman Vox,Guitars
Michael Bontempi Drums
Ray Kuhner Bass
Matthew Dower Guitars


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