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The Bert Elliot Show Thursdays and Sundays 3pmEST

Bert Elliot at his home studio in New York.

Starting out teaching himself to play the drums on a set of books and old briefcase in his parents' Queens apartment at the age of 11, Bert Elliot has come along way! His parents realized that he had a passion for music so they bought him a drum set at age 13. A few years later however, Bert discovered his true love would be the electric guitar, inspired by various rock musicians of his time, but with a heavy influence from the legendary Jimi Hendrix,Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page.At the age of 20, he went on tour playing guitar for R&B artist, Gary Toms and gained experience playing live venues and touring. Later Bert went on to study and earn a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Queens College.

Throughout the years he has been a member of various band projects as well as heading solo projects. Bert has also done extensive studio work with numerous local and national recording projects. In his solo projects he was able to hone his composing skills collaborating with lyricists and culminating in Bert Elliot's instrumental project. With the support of corporate endorsers such as Fender, Peavey, Hartke and Rocktron, he built a 5-room, professional recording studio from the ground up. Bert recorded his first solo CD, a rock instrumental project titled On The Positive Tip, in that studio, on his own record label, PSP Productions. He is currently in development of his next rock CD, this one also instrumental.

As for his guitar playing skills, Guitar Player Magazine spotlighted Bert's guitar playing in the April, 2008 issue. Regarding his track, "Don't Shoot, Let's Rock", Editor-In-Chief, Michael Molenda wrote: "Elliot wears his Wired-era Jeff Beck influence like a neon tatto, but he pulls it off by nailing the master's whammy excursions and melodic taste. The ballsy and totally professional production of the track doesn't hurt either, as the driving tune highlights his phrasing and well-crafted guitar tones." 

Bert Elliot's School of Rock brings to the NY area, specifically the Rockland County/Hudson Valley area, the opportunity for young kids to have fun playing music. In addition to offering private singing lessons, private piano lessons, private guitar lessons, etc., we offer kids the opportunity to apply what they learn in their private lessons in band sessions. Each student will be placed in a band of his/her proficiency and learn how to collaborate with other band members and learn/play fun rock music. Plus they will be doing this inside a professional recording studio! For more information, please go to

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