Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jelixa's Testimony - "Cancer I Don't Want You Here"

From Bell Time Records - Pop Recording Sensation

Hi Everyone,
I am writing this too explain how and why this Cancer song came about. My Mom came up with the concept of it and shared it with Michael Bell, my music producer / manager and Label owner. Thy both came together and started working on the song to get it done for me to sing it!

Well let’s start with my great grandma, Juanita Santiago, my mom Jenny's grandma who was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and how she passed away from it on May 29, 1980 and Mom was just finding out while she was 4 months pregnant with me. I was born 5 months later on November 6, 1980, and had my first touch with the ugly killer Cancer when it hit close to home again, but this time very close to home... it struck and killed my Dad Samuel Rodriguez SR. He had a brain tumor and he passed on February 13, 1985, ironic, a day before Valentine's Day.

By this time I was 4 years old and still not understanding this terrible Killer who now took two life’s of my love ones...not a good time for the family Then cancer knocked on my door, for my Doctor found a tumor on my right thyroid close too my vocals. This happened October 31, 2007, and believe it or was on Halloween day! I was operated two weeks before Xmas and waited a week to find out that God had spared my life and had given wisdom to the great surgeons that operated on me, because we later found out that the tumor was benign, and that I would be able too keep singing my passion.

Then 3 years after my scare cancer struck another blow, but this time it was my Aunt Norma at 59, my mom’s sister. She had Pancreatic Cancer, and it took her life within a year’s time... March 2010 too April 12, 2011. Aunt Norma was all the time at home. She went into the hospital for Chemo and she spoke too Mom about how awful, sad and painful it was having to deal with cancer... she found herself questioning "why me"? So my Mom seeing her sister this way, slipping deeper into this killer's grip...another family member, she decided to write the story line about how a person with Cancer feels and fights till the end with hope for a cure in sight but also with the knowledge that it may not come in time for them, but they will hold on trying to enjoy each moment with their love ones until their time comes!

In memory of my three family members, R.I.P Juanita Santiago AKA Great Grandma, Samuel Rodriguez Sr. AKA Daddy, And Norma Borrero AKA Aunt Norma, to those who have died from it,  and to all others who are currently battling it. I realize cancer does not discriminate on Race; Hispanic, African American, Asian, Caucasian, rich or poor, famous or unknown!

Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, Donna Summer, Robin Gibb and Adam Yauch, Just to name of few who were taken by Cancer in the past few years! I pray once you hear the cancer song "Cancer I Don't Want You Here", that you all will buy and download it, not just because you love the song, but also because it will help a great cause in the process!

P.S. Together we will try to help get closer to finding a cure to cancer with the Funded Money from This Song!
We Thank You!
Recording Artist, Jelixa

My Lyricists
Michael Bell And Jenny Morales

My Label
Bell Time Records
Stay Bless!

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