Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Importance of a Promo!

"Why buy it, when I can just listen to it!"
~ Paul Stanley - KISS

Paul Stanley is one of the most successful artists in the music industry today and has set the bar for many artists and bands to achieve.  The Legendary Rock Group KISS is a multi million dollar music business Machine and a leader in branding, merchandising and digital media sales across the board. UNIR1 Radio can't stress enough to musicians the importance of a promo!

Musicians & artists slave everyday at their work and when their masterpieces are finished.  They upload them to a cloud for the entire world to hear, and some upload them to services like Reverbnation, Amazon, ITunes and CD Baby for purchase.  This is all possible through the use of the internet and digital media software.

What a lot of artists fail to see is that with new digital media age, comes other software that is available to download your music for free.

I mentioned to an artist, "Why would I buy your music when I can just download it for free off of your website."  I was given a pretty poor excuse and was told not everyone knows how to do that.  This is not necessarily the case.

In many instances for example.  Real Player, when installed has a "Pop Up" that comes up and notifies the customer that they are able to download the product.  Further more, there are added features like convertors where the user is able to convert video extracting the audio only and downloading a fresh mp3 of your song to their hard drive.

There is also the old fashion way of "Save Target As" and if your music is physically uploaded on your website, then it is available for all to download for free.

Creating (30-45) second promos of your music not only saves the musician money.  But, it also creates the listener to want more.  If they like your music after only 30 seconds of listening to it.  The chances are they will purchase it.  By stacking multiple 30 second promos, you have now given the listener a lingering feeling of wanting more!

Lastly, attach promotional ID's to your music.  Announce who you are.  Nickelback & Bon Jovi does and they are rock stars.  What makes you any different from them?  You're good right?  So, let your public know who you are.  Don't just send the radio stations the full song.  Give them something that they are going to be able to promote for you!  Radio stations relentlessly make commercials and have LIVE DJ's to make sure your music is promoted properly.  Give them a hand by doing your part as well.

~Scott Price CEO
UNIR1 Inc.

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