Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ashes In The Sky

                                    Ashes In The Sky (click for Facebook site)

It all started after Anthony Javino met Micheal Halliday in 2008. After about a year of being in that band, Anthony quit due to musical differences. As months passed by Anthony began to give up on being a musician after wasting his time and money. However, Anthony decided to form his own band which he named "Screams of Karnage" with his twin brother Patrick Javino on drums and the bassist from Anthony's old band Travis Sloboda. After several auditions and no luck, Travis left the band. Down to only Anthony and Pat, things looked dim again. Then out of the blue, their little brother James Javino had got a bass for his birthday and was welcomed to play in the band. The 3 would jam in their room whenever they could, but were still without a singer. And then a miracle happened. Anthony was shown a recording by his girlfriend at the time of a friend of hers named Andrew Nicolae, who was a singer and guitarist. On March 18th 2010, they were introduced and became quick friends as they both loved Metallica and both played guitar. They jammed for a couple of hours in Andrew's basement and had a great time, so before leaving Anthony asked Andrew, despite being in another band, to sing for his band. Andrew immediately accepted. From that day the band was formed with a full line up and soon had their first practice. The band had been together for 6 months before their first gig, and the day before, they came up with their name, "Ashes In The Sky". After several shows and a few months, things weren't working with Jimmy on bass, so the band decided to part ways with him and started their search for a new bass player. Soon after, they befriended Anthony Corbo after playing a show with his band All the In-Between, for which he sings and plays guitar, but also plays bass. After they mentioned they were searching for a new bass player, Corbo immediately decided to audition. On January 1st, 2011, the band found their bass player and backing vocalist in Anthony Corbo. Now the band works hard with songs they currently have and new ones being made all the time to produce a kickass demo cd, find a label and bring this band to the masses!!!

Andrew Nicolae: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar,Keys

Anthony Javino: Lead Guitar

Anthony Corbo: Bass Guitar, Screams and Backing Vocals

Patrick Javino: Drums
East Islip New York

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