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UNIR1 Global Network Services


UNIR1 (pronounced You and I are 1) is an adaptive niche marketing company that specializes in assisting, educating and developing independent artists, bands and other companies by using the newest technologies in the way of global Internet Radio, HDTV broadcasting, Social Media Marketing, Website development and Digital Distribution to publish, promote, market and distribute their products and services in a very professional package that is quite economical. UNIR1 uncovers many untapped marketing opportunities and revenue streams for new and seasoned artists alike.

• Start your own HDTV Channel and Internet Radio station.

• Earn money from Pay Per View events, Video On Demands and Paid Subscription Channels.

• Record and Broadcast LIVE your content 24/7 globally and make your audio and video content available for end users to access at any time.

• Sell your merchandise on UNIR1 Records and earn money from the sales.

• Have your own custom branded website, hosting and login/password to update at any time.

• Social Network Marketing service for more follows and likes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reverbnation.

• Full blogging site to interact socially; notify customers of new events; shows, music, special promotions.

• Generate advertising dollar by having sponsors advertise video and radio promos on your HDTV and radio stations as well as banner ads on your HDTV and Internet Radio station website.

• Make your content available to the entire UNIR1 Global Network as well as TikiLIVE for broadcasters and radio jockeys to pick up, play and promote.

• Affiliate program enables you to earn monthly commissions from other HDTV and Internet Radio station subscribers.

• Musicians and artists can have their music technically evaluated by a Certified RIAA Multi-platimum & gold record producer and engineer to give artists content a competitive edge in the music field.

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UNIR1 Radio Our Mother ship Radio Station.

UNIR1 Radio Network allows your content available to the entire UNIR1 Global Network as well as TikiLIVE for broadcasters and radio jockeys to pick up, play and promote. UNIR1 Radio campaigns promote, market and track artists music in house and can submit to over 4,000 world wide radio stations including Terrestrial FM, Sirius Satellite Radio, College Internet Radio and placement within Clear Channel FM, Cox FM, MTV1 & 2, VH1 Radio, AOL Radio, LIVE 365 and Rhapsody thus offering the best service, exposure and results for you.

UNIR1 Radio is a licensed BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN radio station through the TikiLIVE-Better Than Radio platform. UNIR1 Inc. uploads and encodes artists music through its BDS Nielsen Console for our clients.

UNIR1 Global Radio Campaigns includes National Charting with Mediaguide, Radiowave New Releases, DRT Top 200 Charts and/or DRT Top 40. Submissions are split between FM, College, Internet, Sirius ,Europe and China Radio.


UNIR1 TV HDTV Programming

UNIR1 TV hosts Pay Per View Events, Video On Demands and Paid Subscription Channels for you to earn money.

UNIR1 TV broadcast LIVE on the TikiLIVE Network and on ROKU boxes, Apple TV all mobile devices and tablets and on Facebook. You can also access UNIR1 TV on PS3 and Xbox systems.

UNIR1 TV Syndicates programming on TikiLIVE, Dish On Demand, Direct TV, Punch TV, SWIG TV, Zenga TV, Open Vision Network, The Beach Channel, OVN Latino, Miami TV, The Film on Network and more.

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UNIR1 Records!

Radio Promotional Marketing, HDTV & Radio Syndication, Blog promotion, website development, social integration, internet radio and HDTV education, production and mastering of product and store to sell merchandise!

UNIR1 Platinum Records Division consists of several highly respected music industry educators and professionals, Grammy Award Winning, RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum & Gold Record Producers & Engineers, who evaluate and offer mastering solutions to maximize your products competitive potential.

Our second Platinum team will be co-directing UNIR1 Network’s radio station called Empower Radio.


UNIR1 Partners & DevelopersUNIR1 Inc. is partners with Eyepartner Inc. and is the co-developers for the TikiLIVE Better Than Radio Platform and the TikiLIVE Affiliate Rewards Program.

Eyepartner is a software development and hosting company that deploys and hosts rich media enterprise broadcasting software while providing first in class hosting to its clients. Eyepartner solutions focus on delivering high quality video, including both live streaming video and video on-demand (VOD). TikiLIVE is Eyepartner’s flagship HD broadcasting service which provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content. More information about Eyepartner and TikiLIVE is available at and

Check out the New Face Of Radio!

Start your own HDTV Channel or Radio Station.

Start your own iPTV Business in a Box!

If you are interested in becoming a TikiLIVE affiliate rewards program and would like to gain from the benefits of our great network, please visit our site here.

More information about UNIR1Radio, UNIR1TV, UNIR1Records is available at To make an appointment with Scott Price or to speak with a staff member directly, please call 518-795-9500 or email We look forward to your reply and the opportunity to work together.

UNIR1®™ Inc.

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